Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Choose the Suitable Car Dvr /Blackbox Camera

Last time,we wrote an article about “What is a Car Black Box”.This time, we will tell you how to choose a suitable vehicle Car Black box /Dvr for yourself or your family.

We have the data to show that there are more than 20 million motorists in the UK, 180,000 black box policies may not seem a large number. But more are on the way. You can expect more and more brands, more and more products from insurance brokers and insurers coming out.

cars may soon carry black boxes
 Most of cars may soon carry black boxes

You can expect more and more brands, more and more products from insurance brokers and insurers coming out.However the car black box market is very irregular and products’ quality varies from acceptable to excellent. Generally, most of the vehicle owners are lack of the knowledge acquired and feel difficult to choose car black boxes.

The following are the suggestions about how to choose the Suitable Vehicle Car Dvr /Blackbox Camera. 

First of all, when you choose a car Dvr, you must consider the stability of the products.

Somebody may ask that why you put this factor in the first place. As we all know, the car Dvrs usually work day and night. A large number of data are stored in them. If you buy the products without long-term testing and operation in this kind of work condition, they may stop work at any time and the data stored may be destroyed at the same time. So how can we judge they are stability or not. We don’t have any equipment or time to test it. But we can find out the sellers’ information and other customers’ opinions about these products on website. According to the information and opinions, we can judge the sellers are reliable or not, after-sales service is perfect or not, Product Specifications is reasonable or not as well as the quality of the products.

Second factor to consider is sharpness. 

The sharpness is also one of the factors which decide car blackboxes’price. Generally speaking, if the Video Resolution can reach 1280x960 pixels, we can call it HD video. If the Video Resolution is lower than 1280x960 pixels, the products are ordinary type. We all know that imagine is clearer the products is more expensive.Somebody said that 140 degree wide-angle lens is better than 120 degree or 70 degree. We don’t agree that. If you choose car black box with 140 degree wide-angle lens, you can shoot the broader and bilateral road conditions but not as far as 120 degree or 70 degree wide-angle lens. Degree wide-angle lens have nothing to do with sharpness.

The third factor to consider is car black boxes’ accessories. 

The most import accessories are bases and the chargers. Make sure the base can be rotated freely and attached to the windshield firmly. The power is step-down when you use the charger, so if you choose improper ones, you may be unable to charge your black box or damage your car Drv with it. We suggest that you’d better buy the chargers with 2-3 meters long line.
car black box accessories
      car black box accessories

The last factor to consider is the price. 

In our opinion, the price is not only decided by the quality of the products, but also decided by the service. Remember that don’t buy the cheapest car black box, but choose the one that perfect for you! 

BinnBox has dedicated in car black boxes accessories and other electronic products design, manufacturing and selling for 3 years.So we can provide you high quality products, good after-sales service and strong market competitive prices at the same time.You can find a suitable  car dvr /blackbox camera on our website.


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